11/19 Meeting Update

Hey everyone, we have an update concerning our meeting location schedule for this semester.  Originally, our meeting for November 19th was scheduled to be in Tate 137 at normal meeting times (7 PM Р9 PM). However, due to the AV equipment currently present in said room, we deemed it unfit for our AV requirements for our regular meeting for that date. So, we have been looking into getting an alternate room for that date, ideally in the MLC. We are happy to announce that we have secured a new room for the meeting on the 19th, which will now be in MLC 205 at regular meeting times.  Thank you all very much for your patience and understanding in this change.

-Dylan Sexton, Technology and Acquisitions

11/5 Meeting

Hey everyone, we hope you are having a great week to start off this new month! Just a reminder, but we are having our tenth viewing meeting tomorrow in MLC 171 at  7 PM. The schedule of events are as follows:

7:00 PM – 7:25 PM: K Project, episode 10
7:25 PM – 7:50 PM: Suisei No Gargantia, episode 10
7:50 PM – 8:05 PM: Break
8:05 PM – 8:30 PM: Zankyou No Terror, episode 3 (rotating show, final episode)
8:30 PM – 9:00 PM: No Game No Life, episode 10
9:00 PM – 10:00 PM: Announcements, news, roundtable, etc.

This week we will be discussing some activities and things to do for November and the end-of-the-semester. We are planning to do an ADO (Anime Day Out) this upcoming Sunday (11/9), which we will be discussing. Please come out to continue watching the shows we are viewing this semester and get caught up on things. We look forward to seeing you there!

-Dylan Sexton, Technology and Acquisitions


Meeting this Wednesday, 10/29/2014

Hey everyone, just a reminder, but we are meeting in MLC room 171 this Wednesday (10/29) at 7 PM for our ninth viewing meeting of the semester. We will be continuing the shows that we have been watching all of this semester, which can be seen here. The rotating show for this week is Zankyou no Terror, episode 2. Also, we will be having our monthly Swag Box drawing, so if you are a paid member, please bring come out with your club card and enter the drawing. If you are into cosplay or have something you are dressing up as for Halloween, come out dressed up! We are having a cosplay/costume contest as well with prizes available for the winners. We look forward to seeing you all this Wednesday!

-Dylan Sexton, Technology and Acquisitions

Business people-showing teamwork

“The Game” is tonight!

Hey everyone, we hope your week is going well. MDOA XXXVIII is in full swing, and tonight is the night of “The Game”. We will be showing you tons of awesome AMVs, OVAs and other awesome and hilarious clips and anime shorts to keep the laughs rolling. At the end of the night, we will have a special quiz to see how much you paid attention to the shows throughout the evening. The people who score the best on the quiz will get to pick something out of our Swag Box! We look forward to seeing you there!

-Dylan Sexton, Technology and Acquisitions