Meeting Minutes from 4/15/2015

Hey all, here are the meeting minutes from the 4/15/2015 meeting. This is the meeting where the new officers for the 2015-2016 year were elected, as well as the newest version of the UGAnime Constitution was officially ratified by a simple majority of the Active Membership. That and much more is contained in this document. We hope this helps!

-Dylan Sexton, Technology and Acquisitions

4-15-15 Meeting Minutes

New Officers for the 2015-2016 Year!

Hey everyone, we are excited to welcome our new Executive Council Members for the next academic school year! They are as follows:

President: Kelsie Seymour
Vice President: Hunter Moreland
Treasurer: Christopher Pearson
Technology and Acquisitions: Matt Williams
Logistics: Allison Cloer

Once again, let’s give these folks a warm UGAnime welcome and we are looking forward to all the great things they will do for the club in this next year!

-Dylan Sexton, Technology and Acquisitions

Constitution Amendment Proposals and Amended Version

As we have been stating on our Facebook page throughout the semester, we have been in the process of updating and amending our organization’s constitution (seen here) for future generations of UGAnime. We are now complete with the month-long discussions and have compiled all of the data together to one long list of amendment proposals as well as an amended version of the constitution. Here are the stated documents:

Amendment Proposals: Amendment Proposals Spring 2015

Amended Version of the Constitution:
UGAnime proposed Constitution as of Spring 2015

-Dylan Sexton, Technology and Acquisitions