Constitution Notes and Thoughts

In an effort to begin amending/revising the current constitution for UGAnime, we (the officers) have done a scanning of this important document and have written down our thoughts about it, namely where we think there needs to be change. We highly encourage you all to read the constitution and make your own thoughts and opinions on how it should be changed, but also to use our notes as a starter to help you kind of see where we are going in this process. Please note, this is only the first step in a long process; we are going to do a second scan in the coming days and record our thoughts in a more concise document, which we will upload and notify you all about. Any thoughts and opinions on this whole process should be sent to our Facebook page (either in a post or PM) or to our email (uganime AT gmail DOT com) or in a message sent to us through our Feedback page.  We look forward to hearing from you!

-Dylan Sexton, Technology and Acquisitions


Meeting Minutes from 1/14/15

Hey everyone, we have decided to start posting meeting minutes here on our site for every meeting. This is to help folks who have not been able to attend meetings stay up-to-date in the business of UGAnime, and anything else that happens in the meeting after the viewings. We hope this helps! Click the link below to view the PDF version of this week’s minutes.

1-14-15 Meeting Minutes

Spring 2015 Greetings

Hello all, and welcome back once again for yet another semester with UGAnime! We hope your respective winter holidays went well and that you are rested up for this semester! We have many exciting plans for this semester, and we hope to include you with them. Please stay tuned here or on our Facebook page for all the up-to-the-minute information for everything UGAnime!