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“The Game” is tonight!

Hey everyone, we hope your week is going well. MDOA XXXVIII is in full swing, and tonight is the night of “The Game”. We will be showing you tons of awesome AMVs, OVAs and other awesome and hilarious clips and anime shorts to keep the laughs rolling. At the end of the night, we will have a special quiz to see how much you paid attention to the shows throughout the evening. The people who score the best on the quiz will get to pick something out of our Swag Box! We look forward to seeing you there!

-Dylan Sexton, Technology and Acquisitions

Street Painting Tonight!

Hey everyone, we hope your weekend is going well. Just a reminder, but there is going to be the traditional street painting happening tonight at midnight in front of the Tate Bus Stop. If you want to come out to help paint in any way, or just want to hang out during the process, please come out! Also, it is going to be cold tonight (with temperatures starting around the mid 50s and going down to the upper 40s). In any case, we look forward to seeing you all there!

-Dylan Sexton, Technology and Acquisitions

Cosplay Cafe!

Hey everyone, just another reminder, but our Cosplay Cafe is happening tomorrow (10/18/2014) at the Taste of Home Cafe (Tate 473) starting at 11 AM and going on until 3 PM. We will have many tasty treats available to eat as well as many people coming dressed up as their favorite anime character. There will be a photo booth available for pictures as well! We look forward to seeing you all there!

-Dylan Sexton, Technology and Acquisitions

Same site, different manager, altogether awesomeness

Hey everyone, this is Dylan Sexton, the Technology and Acquisitions officer for UGAnime for this academic year (2014-2015). I am taking over from Jackson Argo as T&A officer from last year. I know this site hasn’t been updated in a long time, and for those who occasionally drop by to see any updates, I do apologize. School has been rather hectic for me and the other officers lately, as well as  club events that have been going on.  Also, I couldn’t log in for quite a while because of some data file issue on the backend, but that has all been resolved, and I will be working to not only update the website, but also improve it overall.

Anyways, start to look for more regular posts on this site as I learn WordPress and get things going. I hope all is well with you this semester!

-Dylan Sexton, Technology and Acquisitions